uin Distributor

The international success of Uin has been underpinned by the expansion of the franchise business. We are committed to developing our international portfolio by working in collaboration with like-minded partners to ensure the continued global growth of the brand.


We ask potential partners to have established operational and management retail functions, as well as sufficient capital funding to support their development plan.


More than 400 shoe references each season.

Regular shipments of new collections four times a year.

Possibility of replenishments on a weekly basis, always subject to availability.


Full price Gross Margin: 70% - 75%

Maintained Gross Margin: above 56%

Repurchase rate:38.7%

Average yearly Turnover: 6.000 - 8.000 USD / m2

Average Price: 98 USD

Average Transaction Value: 114 USD

Units Per Transaction: 1,17

Average Pay-Back Period: 24 Months approx.

Inventory Turnover: 2,5 times/season